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Friday, February 10, 2006

Live your position

Observer Viewpoint:
by Daniel DiMassa
"For those who want to denounce the typical opponents of the 'Monologues' (the stereotypically male, conservative, religious types), consider this: These young men are not the ones violating women. Au contraire, they are probably some of the most chaste men on campus. So, supporters of the 'Monologues,' lay off these folks and view them as your partners.

And to you, opponents of the 'Monologues,' consider the group supporting the 'Monologues': it is dedicated to demolishing all violence against women. So, work together with this group in establishing a campus more dedicated to Christian ideals of non-violence.

Both groups must come together and impose immense pressure on the one group that is the enemy of all of us: The self-centered young men at this University who rape, abuse, take advantage of and hook up with the women of Notre Dame. These jerks use tools like alcohol and vulnerability in working toward their end. While we sit and argue about the 'Monologues,' our discussion does not thwart the weekend plans these men have. "
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