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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monologues can still be useful tool

Observer - Viewpoint
by Ian McDole

In this letter to the editor, Mr. McDole proposes that while the Vagina Monologues have served a purpose in bringing up important issues, there must be a better way to solve said issues.
"True academic endeavors should aim to find the truth, not play off the emotions of students.

What I suggest is an effort by students and the administration and faculty alike to try to find another means to combat the issues of violence against women. It is ludicrous to think that the only way to raise awareness about violence against women is with a crude performance."
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Editors note: Mr. McDole later noted that he meant for the letter to read "Some of its skits have a skewed view of rape and glorify abortions," rather than, "Some of its skits glorify rape and abortions."

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